From the Journal of Sir Henry Rhumsfeld..

The legend Lives

From the Journal of
Sir Henry Rhumsfeld...

You are about to delve into a story stranger than fiction. A tale of elixirs concocted by a mysterious Medicine Man to revive and restore the spirits of an island’s brave warriors. No wonder the famous explorer Sir Henry Rhumsfeld was drawn to these exotic Pacific shores.

Did the Medicine Man create these elixirs out of spices and native plants to heal the returning wounded warriors? Were the black masks he fashioned for the warriors enchanted?

And how did Sir Henry & his sons persuade the Medicine Man to allow them to export his potions to the civilized world?

Only reading his private journals will reveal all…

The Discovery, the Journal of Sir Henry Rhumsfield

July 3rd, 1891

I have just returned from a very peculiar visit to the National Library.

An elderly stranger approached me and enquired if I was the ‘famous Rhumsfeld’ as he had something terribly exciting to reveal to me ALONE.

Under his arm he carried a large dusty leather bound tome.
A cursory glance had me entranced.

It revealed fascinating stories of magical masks and golden elixirs scrawled by someone referred to only as ‘The Medicine Man’…

And GADZOOKS what was this…! A map of an undiscovered Pacific island! The explorer in me was EXHILERATED!

July 6th, 1891

It has been three nights now since I learned of the fabled Medicine Man of the South Pacific. And three long nights since I have had a perfect sleep.

Every time I close my eyes, the image of a WILD Medicine Man in a magical mask haunts me! My razor sharp explorer’s mind is RACING! I simply must GO THERE FORTHWITH!

July 28th, 1891

The day has FINALLY arrived

After allowing the stories of The Medicine Man to rattle in my mind for weeks. TODAY I venture to the South Pacific in an attempt to satisfy my intrigue.

One can never be certain that such a journey will reap rewards. I may see nothing more than sunshine and blue waters.

I shall find out soon enough.

The Arrival

18th August 1901

After a long and somewhat tortuous voyage (I shall leave the gruesome shark encounter with the ship’s cabin boy for another entry) Finally we spied the magical, mysyerious, magnificent island.

Tonight we rest on the ship.

Tomorrow we EXPLORE!

Follow Us

19th August 1891

News of our arrival has brought smiling locals to the shoreline to greet us.
However, when asked the whereabouts of ‘The Medicine Man’, the atmosphere CHANGED!

The locals froze.. And begged us to proceed with caution for he was NEVER to be disturbed during daylight hours.

Not wishing to anger the man before we had even been formally introduced, I thought it best to wait.

Bring forth NIGHTFALL!

19th August 1891 evening

The burning sunlight that greeted me has vanished; replaced with a the black inky darkness of nightfall.

My wait for this man to emerge is OVER… one cannot even be certain the word MAN is even appropriate. Perhaps CREATURE is more fitting.

What is his sinister secret?
WAIT! I see a flaming torch!… Yes… held by a man in a MASK!

At last!….The Medicine Man!

The Meaning of the Mask

20th August 1891 late morning..very late

WHISPER IT… partly because my head is pounding like the drums of a thousand warriors… but mainly because the Medicine Man has surpassed my WILDEST expectations…

My memory is a little foggy, but I shall attempt to recall the events of Yesterday eve… after another quick restorative nap.

20th August 1891 early evening

Where was I…ah yes…There was dancing and singing…
The Medicine Man at the very epicenter of it all.
A colossal, tattooed, figure of a man, bedecked in a fantastical mask.

Floating through the crowds he treated all to a gulp from a mysterious bottle of golden nectar.
A bottle that eventually made its way into my hands and without hesitation I took my FIRST SIP!

Tonight I shall return to discover MORE. Purely for research you understand.

21st August 1891 Late morning

But this is of no concern to you dear diary.I know the events of last night are what you seek from my quill.

“PREPARE FOR BATTLE” was the cry..and so it began.

I recall The Medicine Man handing out masks similar to his own to a select few of the local warriors. And offering them generous portions of the golden nectar.
BUT to my surprise none of them wielded any form of a weapon.

I remember the arrival of a rival tribe. A circle of flames. And a banging drum beat!

There were jumps, bumps. Rotations and vibrations all combined in one DANCE!
They were like animals. Party animals if such a thing should exist.

Until one by one the other tribesmen collapsed from sheer exhaustion.
The Medicine Man raised his hand high above his mask and let out a cheer. “VICTORY”.

The secret passes on

2nd October 1899

Twenty three times now I have retuned to this mesmerizing Island and it’s hypnotic Medicine Man.

Today I journey with my two eldest sons.

They had long yearned for a visit to the island ever since I returned with tales from my first journey over three years ago.

Together I hope that ONE of us will be able to coax the secret recipe to the golden nectar out of the Medicine Man. Perhaps.

18th August 1901

Today I lost a true friend. The Medicine Man has passed.

At 502 it was to be expected. Although it still does not make it any easier to accept. But just before he passed he had one last request for me.

It was spoken in gibberish as always, but I had picked up and ear for it over the years.

FINALLY! He wanted ME to take his secret recipe and share it with the world.

I write it out in full below….